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With new technology getting innovated and used in every sphere of life, new accessories are getting invented on a daily basis. While this new technology may be very useful for the common man, their installation and maintenance may be quite a big task. When you spend so much money on purchasing these precious items, you want them to last for a longer period of time and serve you till you feel that you have recovered all the hard earned money you spent on it. Tankless water heaters are one such innovation of the new technology, which makes your life very easy and comfortable, but for that you have to ensure proper installation and maintenance.

Here are some tips that will help you install your Tankless water heaters in a proper way.

Read The Manual Carefully. The first step you need to take after purchasing a tankless water heater is to read the manual very carefully. The manual provides a list of accessories along with the Tankless water heaters and gives a detailed description of how all these accessories need to be fitted and used. You need to read the manual because proper installation of the tanker may increase its life multiple times. You can search the manual to find out whether the box containing the heater holds all the accessories and if those accessories match the pictures provided in the manual. Though mistake of this sort is not likely with Tankless water heaters it sometimes happens that whereas the manual tells you about the latest technology, the particular item you have purchased isn’t of the latest make. Since Tankless water heaters are a relatively new item in the kitchen or washroom of any person, even your neighbor plumber may not exactly know how to fix it in your home. By reading the manual, you can actually assist your plumber to fix the heater in the right way.

The manual will also inform you about all the precautions you need to take in the form of warning. If you as the owner of tankless water heater and the plumber installing the heater can keep these warnings in mind, you will ensure safety and long life of the accessory.

Location Of The Heater. To ensure its long life, even the place where the heater is installed is of great significance. Whether it is the kitchen or the washroom, you need to see that a tankless water heater is not installed too close to the ground as it can damage the floor near the tank. If you have no other option but to install the appliance near the floor, a drain pan should also be installed for its safety.  Again, the tankless water heater may not provide you the maximum output or even get damaged, if it is surrounded by any kind of metal around it. You need to install it in a place, which is free of any metal.

Installing Pipes. When you install Tankless water heaters, choosing the right kind of pipes and installing them at the right place is very important. But even before you choose the appropriate pipes for your installation, you need to check your walks, which should be strong enough to bear the burden of the tanker. All the pipes like Vent pipe, gas pipe and water pipe should be properly checked and fitted to ensure efficient working of the heater.

Wiring. Whereas pipes are a part of the product you buy, wires, which needs to be installed with Tankless water heaters are may not be a part of your purchase. But electric wiring is essential for smooth working of the heater. Electric wiring is the most important part of instilling the heater because if the wiring is not proper, and you operate the tankless water heater without effective wiring, it can harm the heater.

Using Professional Services. It is generally believed that Tankless water heaters are quite different from the conventional water heaters that we have been using till date. Even though, you may have read the manual and had a detailed discussion about the pipes and wires to be installed by the plumber, yet the installation may not be proper and may give you immense problems at a later stage. It is therefore advised that installation of Tankless water heaters must be handled by a professional associated with the manufacturing of the accessory. The companies making these heaters also offer help in installation and maintenance of the items they have manufactured. It is always better to use their services so that your heater gets fitted properly and does not give you problem at any stage. When you buy the heater, these companies provide you a complete package, which, along with other benefits also help in easy and quick installation. It is always a good idea to use their services to ensure a long life of your accessories.

Installation as per temperature. When you are installing a tankless water heater, you must understand that it will not store water for you. It will only ensure free flow of hot water. For this purpose, you need to control the temperature of water. If you are living  in a region where the temperature is low, then you need a tankless water heater, which heats the water at a higher temperature so the you are not devoid of hot water. The issue of managing temperature is taken care of at the installation stage itself, so that you do not face a problem at a later stage.

Getting The Right Vendor. Even if you don’t get a vendor from the manufacturing company, getting an experienced vendor is a must for Tankless water heaters. You need to ask whether the person you are engaging for installation has some factory training to handle such heaters. You can also seek online help in this regard.

Tankless water heaters can be a solution to all your instant hot water demands, but for that purpose your heater must be installed properly.  If you employ a person, who knows his job, he will install the accessory in such a way that you do not face a problem at any stage.