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Toilet Installation, Repair & Replacement

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the average running toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water per day! Even if your toilet does not sound like it’s running, a “silent” leak can potentially waste up to 6,000 gallons per month. All of this water waste translates to additional charges on your water bill, which can really add up by the end of the year. By calling Local Plumbing And Sewer to repair a toilet, you can potentially save a significant amount of money on this unnecessary water waste.

In addition to a running toilet, the following issues might be an indication that you need to repair a toilet:

  • The toilet is clogged.
  • There is standing water around the bottom of the toilet.
  • Water is leaking from the pipes behind the toilet.

If you need to repair a toilet, call Local Plumbing & Sewer of Loganville Georgia and allow our professional technicians to attend to your toilet troubles. Sometimes maintenance is not enough and no amount of elbow grease can repair a toilet. If thats the case you will need to replace the unit. Often, it is more cost effective and less time consuming to replace your toilet rather than attempt to repair it anyway. Never fear, Local Plumbing & Sewer has you covered! We also offer toilet installation services.

Clogged Toilet

Have a clogged toilet in your Loganville home that won’t go away? Get it cleared and under control today! Call Local Plumbing And Sewer Today! Our state of the art technology and experienced plumbers will ensure your home’s toilet is opened up and able to flush with confidence.

Common Toilet Symptoms & Fixes

Leaking Toilet

Water that leaks from your toilet often means that one or more areas may need a repair. A toilet may be leaking water in the tank or at the base. If a sound is heard coming from the tank when a toilet has not been flushed, then water is leaking into the tank. The sign of water leaking at the base of the toilet means the wax ring is bad. A local plumber like Local Plumbing And Sewer can fix these issues by making an adjustment inside the tank and replacing the wax ring. Worse case scenario a replacement toilet can be installed if the damage is beyond what can be repaired.

Ghost Flushing

plumbing repair

The leaking of water into the bowl from the tank when a toilet has not been flushed is a phantom or ghost flush. This is a problem that typically occurs when the flapper or flapper seat in the tank is bad. A plumber will clean the flapper seat and replace the flapper mechanism to fix the problem.


Older toilets in a home are not designed to use water efficiently. Toilets that are over ten years old may use five or more gallons of water per flush. Newer water-efficient toilets are low-flow and will use 1.28 gallons of water per flush. If a homeowner replaces an existing toilet in their bathroom, then installing a low-flow model will decrease water use and help lower utility bills.

Toilet Maintenance

The drain lines in a home can become plugged when flushing paper towels and other items that do not decompose in water. If the drain line for the toilet is clogged, then a backup can occur. Professional plumbing services are able to clear the clog and provide recommendations to avoid problems occurring in the future.


A bathroom that is being remodeled often has a brand new toilet. The new toilet will need is secured to the floor and then connected to the water supply. Remodeling is also the best time to replace old toilets with newer water-efficient models.