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Video Inspections For Clogged Drains & Sewer Blockages

Drainage issues can often be a sign that there is a blockage in your sewer system. These blockages occur for a variety of different reasons. Sewer video inspections help plumbers to establish the source of this blockage, allowing them to better find a successful solution. These inspections involve the use of a flexible fiber optic video camera, which is snaked through your sewer line to determine the causes for the blockage in your line.

Sewer video inspections can help to effectively identify issues such as:
• Tree roots in your line
• Punctured or broken pipes
• Pipe deterioration
• Blockage from debris
• Leaking at the pipe joints
• Disjointed pipes

The professionals at Local Plumbing & Sewer offer sewer video inspections to help determine the cause for your sewer line issues. Do you notice a foul sewer odor? Are you experiencing a backed-up sewer line? These can both be signs of blockage in your sewer system. If your line is showing signs of damage, sewer video inspections are the best way to diagnose your problems so that you can find an effective solution the first time around. Call Local Plumbing & Sewer today for an inspection! Once your inspection is complete, we can discuss your options for fixing these issues.