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The question, “which water heater should I buy?” is very common in many households. This is so since very many water heaters are available in the market and this tends to confuse buyers a lot. Many a times the buyers do not stand to think of one brand being better than the other. Despite the many available water heaters, there is a limited or no direction at all on the right one that will suit a buyer’s needs.

The question of selecting a water heater is very promiscuous. Some plumbing companies do make claims that they have the potential to give extra features which are adaptive in a given environment. These claims however do not lack their fair share of flaws. The buyers are thus left with no option but to carefully analyze the water heater that is suitable for their homes. This is not an easy task either. So, what is it that a plumbing company can actually do so as to help you choose the best water heater? We will explain that in this article.

Make the water heater capacity clearer

The water heaters sold by most plumbing companies are based on the ability of the tank to hold more water. There are those that have the ability to hold water enough for three or more showers, help you do some laundry and manipulate the state of the faucet. While evaluating the water heater capacity, the gallons-per-minute rating and the first-hour rating can be taken into account. The tanks less heaters have GPM while the tank heaters have the FHR. The two are important in helping determine the amount of hot water that the tank can actually deliver. The plumbing company should effectively help you do the evaluation.

Know the types of water heaters that are available

The most common types of storage-tank heaters that can be found in the market are solar heaters, tank less heaters, storage tank heaters and condensing –gas water heaters. This next step of determining the type of water heater you need is basically dependent on the capacity that you so desire to have. The plumbing company should thus advise you on the features of these available types of water heaters.

The storage tank water heaters

These very common water tanks have the ability to heat the water and store it until the time when the demand for the water will be viable. There is a well established plumbing system throughout the house via which the heated water is sent to the home. Gas is used to provide the energy needed for this process. What this indirectly implies is that you will end up incurring more costs before the process comes to a conclusion. However, after some time you will enter into a stage where you can save up to 50% on your fuel. This advantage is realized the moment you have exceeded the starting price tag.

The tank less water heaters

These tanks have a smaller unit. The risk of them failing is normally minimized and the cost of operation is equally low.  When the plumbing company precisely specifies the storage capacity, cited energy efficiency and the recovery rate of the type of water tank, it becomes much easier for you to select the water tank if you feel it will suit your needs.

tankless water heater


Advice on the fuel sources that is existent

The plumbing company should make it known to you that different water heaters have varied sources of fuel. These can be electric, gas and hybrid types of fuel. The fuels used to run different water heaters do vary in a number of things such as the: cost of the fuel, its availability and also impact on the environment. Gas for instance, provides more energy efficiency than the water heaters that use electric sources. The hybrid fuel on the other makes use of air energy in heating water. They tend to be more expensive on the front end. The plumbing company should give you a step to step guidance on these any other available source of energy for the water heaters. This gives a chance to make an informed decision considering that fuel to run the water heater is a key factor.

Advice on the space needed

The space that a water heater requires in the home varies. The plumbing company should let you know the standard amount of space of each. Once you have this information, you can carefully look at the place you intend to locate your heater and then determine if the space will be enough for you. Looking at space is basically two dimension stuff. Consider the height and also the width of the heater.

Provide Information on the available accessories

Just like in any machine, the accessories are vital in improving the efficiency of the water heater. When the heater breaks down, it may require repair. The plumbing company thus has the obligation of giving you a list of accessories that different water heaters may need. The company ought to advise you on the accessibility as well as the cost. This is a contributing factor on the running overall costs. The accessories also ensure safety. They include: the water alarms, stands, pans, blankets, timers and expansion tanks. Water alarm, for instance ensures safety in that it can sense any leakages in the heater. Without such, you risk of an electric shock. The timers on the other hand can greatly help you reduce energy and save on money.

In conclusion, as you are in the process of purchasing a water heater, the plumbing company can be of great help to you in making the right decision. Knowing the expected information from them goes a long way in helping you get more specific advice. Make sure the experts have told you about the heater capacity, types of heaters available, the source of fuel for each, the space that the heater will occupy and also the accessories that the heater needs.