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Most homeowners are probably faced with the fear of having to dig up in their yards so as to find a pipe blockage or break. However, with the pipe inspection video technology, this is a problem that should not cause them any sleep. A cleanout basically refers to an access point that you can use so as to unclog your clogged plumbing system. You can similarly use it for maintenance and extension purposes. The use of a video drain cleanout has benefits both to the customer and also the drain cleaner. Its advantages actually surpass the costs of establishing the video drain cleanout.

In many cases, it becomes quite a challenge for you to use your naked eyes to find leakages in plumbing systems as well as locate backed up toilets or identify slow drains. That is where video drain cleanouts do come in handy. Video drain cleanouts involve the use of a camera and locator technology to figure out the perils in the sewer drainage system.  In this article you will learn about the advantages that you will get if you so decide to implement video drain cleanouts.

Reduced damage to the landscape

With video inspection, you do not have to actually dig up your yard as you struggle to locate where there is a sewer line damage. The technology allows you to be able to efficiently locate the problems with the least impact on the landscape. It is true that the plumber will be forced to dig up a specific area of the yard so as to do some fixing. The damage however is minimal compared to a situation where you do not know where the problem is. This allows you to get the benefit of fixing your pipe while at the same time maintaining the environment.

Easy to get the exact location of the problem

Without the use of a video technology, the diagnostic steps will involve random digging in an attempt to locate where the problem in the pipe could be. Before the video drain technology was invented, a lot of blind digging was being done. However, an experienced plumber can swiftly use a camera and tell you the precise area where the pipe has been blocked or broken. The camera used has been designed specifically to be used in sewer lines or storm drains. Therefore, with video technology you do not have to dig around to find the problem location and obtain the information needed to apply the remedy.

Saves on money as well as time

There exist some high technology solutions to plumbing system problems that are quite expensive. This is quite the opposite with the sewer video technology. The time used is much less as well as the labor required is minimal. This is not the case with trenching. This consequently makes the home owner spend less money on maintenance and fixing. The time is equally saved on.

Can verify the removal of the clog

After the drain cleaner has finished fixing the plumbing system, you can get the chance to validate that the problem has been fixed. This will involve the use of a camera. It therefore prevents you from using the sewer line before you can be sure it is running smoothly once again. The clients are shown in real time by the drain cleaner the new state of the fixed drainage system.

Helps in the inspection of newly established plumbing systems

Once a new sewer system has been put in place, it cannot be put into use unless it has been cleared. The pipes and everything else connected to the system have to be inspected. Using a sewer camera to do the inspection is more efficient and effective. It confirms that all is fine and up to the needed standards.

Can be used to identify hidden pipes

In quite a number of cases, a plumbing system will have pipes spread out in various locations. Getting to know all these pipes by your naked eyes is next to impossible. However, with video drain cleanouts, the processes of looking for the underground pipes or those that are found deep in the walls become a possible venture. This is actually done with no need for you to dig up walls or destroy the landscape.

Can be used in finding multiple plumbing problems

Video drain cleanout accesses both the current root damage, leaks in the pipes, clogs as well as old damaged pipes. This therefore not only leads you realize the only problem in the plumbing system, but many if any available. In other words, you kill many birds using one stone.

Helps in establishing the kind of pipes that make up the system

Any skilled and qualified drain cleaner knows that the type of pipe has to be known before beginning the diagnostic steps. For the homeowners, this information is crucial to them as it helps in deciding the pipes that they need to purchase. Buying just any type of pipe may fail to fit in the plumbing system. Also, you can know whether the system needs urgent fixing measures by using the video drain cleanouts.

Apart from the client having to wait till the problem occurred so as to fix the issue, the sewer cameras can be of great use in a number of cases:

  • Finding the lost items- One can use the video drain cleanout to search for jewelry that has been washed down the sewer system.
  • Performing remodel operations that may involve a kitchen, bathroom or even the laundry room.
  • Maintenance activities can also be done by using the video drain cleanout. This will involve using the sewer camera to carry out preventive actions.

In conclusion, the benefits that you get to enjoy by making use of video drain cleanouts are immense. The benefits are actually more than the costs incurred. The most outstanding benefit is that you can specifically pinpoint where the problem is and it also saves you on time. You similarly get to protect your landscape from getting damaged.