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Backflow System Services By Local Plumbing & Sewer Loganville GA

Back flow is the unwanted, reversed flow of nonpotable water and other harmful substances into a public or consumer water system. When back flow enters a water system and contaminates the water supply, it can cause severe illness. A back flow preventer is used to protect your water supply from contamination and pollution that is caused by back flow. This device prevents contaminated water from backing up into your water supply when there is a decrease in pressure. The back flow preventer helps prevent your family from getting sick due to contaminated water. That is why it is essential that it is tested periodically to ensure that the device is working properly.

Your back flow preventer should be tested when it is installed, relocated, or repaired. The Georgia Department of Environmental Protection suggests that you have back flow preventers tested annually to ensure that they are working properly to prevent unnecessary pollution of the water supply. Local Plumbing & Sewer offers back flow preventer services, including testing, to help make certain that your system is in proper working order. As a licensed plumbing company, Local Plumbing & Sewer  is qualified to provide quality maintenance and testing services for your back flow preventer. Call us today for testing and help protect your family from contaminated water.