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Grease Trap Cleanouts

Grease traps are devices that are installed in your plumbing system to prevent grease, fat, and oil from reaching and blocking up your sewer line. These devices separate the grease or other materials from the wastewater and prevent it from reaching the sewer line. Blockages caused by these substances can result in a damaged sewer system and require costly repairs. To avoid such issues, it is vital that your commercial grease traps are installed correctly and cleaned on a regular basis. All commercial cooking facilities, including restaurants, school cafeterias, and catering businesses, are required by Georgia law to have grease traps installed and serviced to maintain proper working order. This helps to ensure that these harmful substances do not reach and cause issues in the municipal sewer system.

Local Plumbing & Sewer is your go-to company for the installation and repair of industrial grease traps. With years of industry experience, we are skilled in the installation and servicing of grease traps for restaurants and other commercial properties. Whether you need an installation for a new construction or are just experiencing problems with your current grease trap, call Local Plumbing & Sewer and we will help ensure that your grease trap is doing its job.