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Loganville Georgia Boiler Repair Services

Our technicians at Local Plumbing & Sewer have years of experience in boiler repair, upgrading and installation. We are eager to service the boilers of our Loganville Georgia customers. A boiler can be a temperamental machine and if something goes wrong with it, it shouldn’t be ignored. Moreover, the homeowner really shouldn’t attempt to fix a boiler themselves, given the great heat and pressure that a boiler operates under. Though a well maintained boiler can last a very long time, when they can no longer function the way they should they should be replaced with a new boiler that’s energy efficient, quiet and reliable. We at Local Plumbing & Sewer can offer our clients tips and advice on newer, modern boiler options.

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Types of Boilers

Generally there are two types of boilers, a steam boiler and a boiler that uses hot water. The steam boiler is like a huge teapot that sends steam throughout the radiators in the home and heats up the rooms, while the hot water boiler uses hot water to do the same. Though a hot water boiler has more components than a steam boiler and the way they work is a bit more complex, they tend to need less maintenance. When something does go wrong with a hot water boiler it’s usually not the boiler, but a circulator or the expansion tank. When a steam boiler starts acting up there’s often a leak in the return lines. Though the homeowner might want to call in an HVAC professional, this is actually a job for a plumber. If they live in the Loganville Georgia area, it’s a job for the boiler experts at Local Plumbing & Sewer.

Why Local Plumbing & Sewer?

The homeowner should know that our plumbers are experts at any sort of plumbing problem. There are no appliances or plumbing systems that we don’t know how to repair, maintain or install. Our plumbers constantly work to educate themselves in their field and are familiar with the latest in plumbing technologies. We are licensed and bonded and insured and will be careful to get all permits that may be needed to work on a customer’s boiler. We’re also courteous, clean and trustworthy. We understand that working on a boiler, especially when it’s cold outside, disrupts the household. We will do our best to finish the job in as short a time as practicable. But we will make sure that the job has been done thoroughly.